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Award winning dog training for fearful, frustrated, and overexcited dogs

Hi, I’m Rachel.

Your local dog behaviourist and trainer with a specialism in training reactive dogs. But wait – If you have a puppy, please stick around! I’m an expert in training and socialising puppies the SAFER® way, to help you prevent reactivity and fearful behaviour developing.

Local dog trainer specialising in training reactive dogs


build your dog’s confidence

(and your own!)

Do you want your dog walks to be more enjoyable? What would it feel like to leave stress at the door and look forward to spending time with your dog outside of your home with confidence?

Find your perfect dog training fit and let’s get started!

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What is reactivity in dogs?

Whilst you may associate the term ‘reactive dog’ with a dog who responds ‘aggressively’ by barking, lunging or growling at things. The term ‘reactive’ simply means ‘to respond to a stimulus.’

You might be wondering why overexcited dogs are as much my specialty as fearful or frustrated dogs, but they have a lot more in common than you may think!

Whilst as humans we may associate excitable behaviour more positively than behaviour that’s labelled as reactive, they have something HUGE in common.

Whether the emotion your dog experiences is fear, frustration or overexcitement, their body is going to be flooded with stress chemicals. The training required to calm your dog down and teach alternative behaviours, is surprisingly similar!

Training your dog the SAFER® way

All successful dog training relies upon ensuring your dog:


has low stress and arousal levels

can communicate with you effectively

Without these three pillars, you simply can’t change your dog’s behaviour or responses for the better. Mastering these three components is critical to your success.

I developed the SAFER® pathway to guide owners through helping their dog’s feel better, so they can respond better. All of my dog training programmes are underpinned by the SAFER® dog training pathway.

Leading you to a life of harmony and freedom together

Harmony and Freedom are the BIG GOALS here. When you achieve them, you can enjoy life with your dog without conflict and stress…. And that’s a big relief for everyone involved!



set your dog up for success, reduce stress, and nurture a strong partnership



understand what your dog’s trying to communicate and how your emotions play a part



teach your dog to choose you, instead of focusing on exciting or scary triggers and getting worked up



learn how to use your environment to your advantage, so training is easier



develop faster recovery and bounceback for both your dog and yourself


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Total Understanding

Rachel is a fantastic dog trainer.

Everything is done in a positive way and she totally understands my reactive dog Barney.

Nicola and Barney


Sittingbourne, Rainham, Maidstone, Isle of Sheppey, Gillingham, Rochester, Gravesend, Dartford, and surrounding areas.


The GROWL Solution reactivity programme and online courses can be conducted wherever you are in the world.


Paws And Play Activity Centre
Off Breach Lane

Visit our secure dog walking field

secure dog field Sittingbourne Rainham Maidstone Isle of Sheppey Gillingham Rochester Gravesend Dartford

Tucked away from all the hustle and bustle, with beautiful views over the Kent countryside, lies a heavenly oasis for dogs and their humans.

My 2 acre and 3 acre dog walking fields are available for hire 7 days a week, from dawn till dusk.

Free on-site parking

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Instant relief

secure dog field Sittingbourne Rainham Maidstone Isle of Sheppey Gillingham Rochester Gravesend Dartford

Your dog’s issues DO NOT define them

Life with a fearful, frustrated or overexcited dog can feel incredibly hard. Through our training together, you will feel empowered to see the good in your dog and appreciate them for who they are.

Yes, we will work to improve your dog’s behaviour and how they feel, but we’ll also celebrate all the wonderful things about your dog too.


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More Relaxed and Calmer

I am delighted with the services received from Canine Connection. Rachel and her team deliver a first class service at all times.

I joined Canine Connection and I have been really pleased with Jet’s progress having undertaken the Growl Reactivity Programme. It has given both of us confidence in being able to walk in public places I would have avoided previously.

Jet’s behaviour has improved outside and in our home, where he is now more settled.

With Rachel’s expertise and training, Jet is more relaxed and calmer.

Overall we have one happier doggie & owner, thanks to Canine Connection. Highly recommended!

Fiona and Jet

Reactivity and your dog Ebook

5 Secrets To Living In Harmony With Your Fearful, Frustrated Or Over Excited Dog

This 24 page ebook gives you a solid introduction to training your reactive dog the SAFER® way.

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