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Whether you’re pulling your hair out with your new puppy, or your adult dog is driving you crazy, Canine Connection can help you.

Activity Walks

When a regular dog walker just won’t do, let the Canine Connection Dog Walking Activity Team take care of it for you.

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Do you struggle to find a safe and relaxing place to walk your dog? Can you never let your dog off lead but wish they could run free without the fear they will run off or meet other dogs?

Are you pulling your hair out with your new puppy? Worried your sweet natured pup is turning into a devil dog?

New puppy owners make some very common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

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Meet The Team

Head Trainer and Behaviourist

People often ask me what it is I love most about my job and its simply teaching owners that any form of training or behaviour work is a two way conversation between them and their dog. Once this happens the joy I get from seeing their relationship and connection blossom is priceless.
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Assistant Trainer

I am currently working towards my dog training qualification with the IMDT and also attending a variety of seminars on the subject to keep up with the latest scientific discoveries.
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Dog Walking Adventure Team
In my spare time I am a volunteer for Dalmatian Welfare, I have 3 dogs of my own and can often been seen out walking them at various locations.
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Dog Walking Adventure Team
I love walking and playing with my own dogs and feel privileged to be able to do this for your dogs through Rachel's services.
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