Behavioural Consultations

Most behaviours that owners find unacceptable are perfectly normal for our canine friends. It is important to search for the root cause thinking about what the dog needs and how we can satisfy those needs in an acceptable way rather than just trying to fix the behaviour and supress their natural instincts.

We can help you with the following behavioural issues:

  • Separation related disorders
  • Attention seeking behaviours
  • Destructive behaviours
  • Resource guarding
  • Over excitability
  • Excessive barking
  • Aggressive behaviour towards humans and other dogs
  • Fearful behaviours
  • Phobias


We will assess the following:

  • Your dogs emotions at the time of the behaviour occurring
  • Your dogs overall mood and daily routine
  • What is reinforcing and maintaining the behaviour

We will also advise on any additional training you and your dog may need to undertake in order to achieve a positive outcome.

Why choose us?

  • Highly experienced and qualified behaviourist
  • Force free only methods used
  • No aversive techniques used
  • Committed to working with you as a team to ensure the best result for you and your dog

Would you like to receive 7 top tips to help you work towards having a better behaved dog?


“We met Rachel a couple of years ago when we were having issues with our French Bulldog Oakley. She came to our house for a 1:1  session at the time that was convenient to us. Rachel was very friendly and had a calming way about her, that made you feel at ease. She not only gave us advice and training techniques that helped us deal with the problems, she explained why Oakley was carrying out his behaviour, which in turn made us feel that are dog wasn’t broken! After she left we felt more confident on how to deal with the situations when they occurred. We have recently had another 1:1 with Rachel at home, for different issues and now use her dog walking adventure services and have been to a few training courses, which Oakley enjoyed and re about to embark on a new one. Rachel has helped us immensely and I would recommend her to anyone if you are experiencing problems with your dogs, no matter how big or small.”

– Bev, Roy and the Frenchies

“I was recommended by a friend to contact Rachel as my two year old dog Finley has anxiety with visitors in the house. We have had a few sessions now and he is so much calmer and we are continuing with her advice and techniques. Rachel is very calm and promotes positive techniques to improve behaviour which so far has been working well for us. We are able to ask her questions in the 1:1 sessions but also via email or text. I would definitely recommend Canine Connection”
– Kerrie, Dan and Finley