Specialist Dog Training for Fearful, Frustrated and Overexcited Dogs

The affordable and effective alternative to 1-2-1 training


dog’s behaviour driving you round the bend?

Do you dread taking your dog out for a walk?

Are you constantly apologising or feeling embarrassed about their behaviour?

Do you dream of a dog who’d make you proud?

Fearful, frustrated and overexcited dogs share more in common than you may think. The stress levels in these dogs can be sky high, and whether that’s positive or negative stress – it makes life very challenging.

If you’re ready to take action and make big changes, but want an affordable and flexible way to get the dog training help you need, look no further!

There’s an extremely effective alternative to 1-2-1 dog training…..

Specialist Dog Training for Fearful Frustrated and Overexcited Dogs

It’s called Club Connection – and it’s where all the smart and dedicated dog owners hang out!

All training sessions are online, so you can train with us wherever you are in the world!

Train with focus

Learn new skills

Meet your goals

Enjoy freedom

Consistent dog training without the big investment

Let’s be honest, you crave a relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free life with your dog, and you know to get there you have to be consistent with your training efforts.

Does a lack of time hold you back from training your dog?

Are you unable to pay for regular 1-2-1 dog training and feeling stuck?

Are you left trying to figure out a solution on your own?

The cost of not getting the training help you need is huge. No troublesome behaviour is going to disappear of its own accord… in fact, it’ll only get worse unless you take action.

Without solid guidance, support and accountability, your training efforts are likely to fall flat. Training doesn’t need to be an intense time suck or a big money drain. With consistent small steps in the right direction, you’ll be amazed at the changes you can achieve.

Club Connection is our affordable dog training membership that keeps you motivated, focused on your goals, and guides you through your training so you achieve the changes you crave.

Just £99 a month
(cancel anytime)

What you get

Fun training challenges every month

(so you’ve got new activities to try out and keep your training moving forwards)

Monthly Masterclasses on fascinating topics

(so you become an expert in your dog)

Monthly Yappy Hour Q&A sessions

(so you never have to muddle through alone)

Supportive Facebook group

(for inspiration, motivation and solidarity)

Printed newsletter through the post

(packed with useful info that you’ll look forward to reading!)

Instant access to our online courses

(includes loose lead training, recall training, enrichment and human superskills tutorials)

SAFER awards badge scheme

(so you never lose motivation to train – you’ve got goals!)

50% off secure field hire in Sittingbourne

for local clients (from as little as £3.75 a session)

Discounted rates on all services

(so you can get all the help you need without breaking the bank)

Accountability | Training | Motivation | Community

Just £99 a month
(cancel anytime)

Who is this dog training membership for?

This membership is open to all owners of fearful, frustrated or overexcited dogs.

Whether you have a fearful reactive dog or a hugely enthusiastic dog, our membership will lead you through everything you need to learn to calm your dog down and instil some peace in your lives.

You may have trained with us before and want to keep making great strides towards your goals, or you may have never undertaken any formal dog training. This supportive and flexible membership will meet your needs whatever stage in the journey you’re at.

Inside the membership, you’ll receive unwavering support, fresh insights and education, and the accountability you need to ensure you don’t let any of your hard work go to waste.

Take your dog from frantic to calm

Take your dog from frantic to calm

Finding your dog’s inner calm might feel like an impossible dream, but with specialist support you can find the peace and harmony you hope for.

Members of Club Connection can vouch for the incredible transformations that they’ve achieved with this affordable dog training membership.

What our lovely member’s say

I love being a Club Connection member!

I love being a Club Connection member. Thank you Rachel for helping me build such a special relationship with Ted and also the friendships and support online for when you think you’re the only one who’s dog behaves like that!

Ali and Ted

A wonderful community

Canine Connection are experts in training and behaviour using modern techniques. I have thoroughly enjoyed coming with my Labradoodle over the past few years.

It’s a wonderful community, very supportive, and we have a lot of fun! Both myself and my dog have made new friends and together we have learnt so much!

Cheryl and Bonnie

The online support is brilliant!

I have a very excitable sprocker and had no idea how to calm him down.

Blue came into our lives like a tornado. I learnt so much in Rachel’s 5 day challenge about myself and Blue. It is work in progress but Rachael and her team have been amazing and very supportive.

Having done the Challenge I took the opportunity to join the Club Connection community. I don’t live locally, but the support online is brilliant.

I would highly recommend Canine Connection Company to everyone. Thank you Rachael

Mal Davies

Making great progress!

I’m so glad I found Canine Connection Company!

I had a scary incident with my over excited working cocker spaniel and the vet suggested a behaviourist.

Having reached out to two behaviourists near me and receiving no reply, I messaged Canine Connection Company.

I was given great advice and signed up for a training package. The 5 day challenge happened on Facebook around the same time, which I also signed up for as a fantastic starting point.

Lukie and I are now making great progress as proud members of Club Connection.

Sheila Vickers

Just £99 a month
(cancel anytime)

What’s the alternative?

If you’re on the fence, then I’d urge you to consider how you’ll overcome your training struggles and what you’ll do when you hit hurdles? (there will be hurdles!)

Will you:

  • Book 1-2-1 training sessions? (average cost £160 per month)
  • Attend weekly training classes? (average cost £60 per month)
  • Muddle along alone and hope for the best? (often the most expensive option long term!)

Staying consistent with your training can save you from both emotional turmoil and hefty expenses. When you train little and often, you’re keeping your skills and knowledge topped up, rather than waiting for the poop to hit the fan!

With the best training in the world, there will always be hiccups, life events and changes that can have an affect on your dog’s behaviour. It’s vital that you have the right support in place to help you navigate these events, so you can bounce back and move forwards confidently.

Getting fast support when things go awry is crucial to ensuring your training doesn’t unravel. With a professional trainer at your side, you’ll be able to quickly take the right action to get things back on track.

Just £99 a month
(cancel anytime)



I’ve not trained with Canine Connection before, can I join?
Yes! This membership is open to all. It’s an affordable way to get regular and consistent support with your dog training, so you can overcome struggles and enjoy life together.
Am I tied into the membership?
Nope! You can cancel anytime. You’ll retain access to the Facebook group, online training videos, discounted field hire and all benefits for as long as your membership is active.
I have more than one dog, can I join?
Yes! In fact, this makes the membership even more valuable! Paying for training for multiple dogs can become very expensive – but with Club Connection, the price is the same no matter how many dogs you share your life with!
Will I have to wait for monthly Q&As to get my questions answered?
No! You can ask questions and post videos for feedback in the private Facebook group anytime, so you’ll never have to wait too long for support.

This feature is open for use whenever you need it, so don’t be shy! Get the help you need to overcome any challenges or problems you might be facing.

I’m in the GROWL Solution programme, should I sign up for Club Connection too?

No need! You get free Club Connection membership for the duration of your time in the GROWL Solution programme.

Just click here to join.

Got more questions?

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