Dog Training Classes

The Delightful Dog Method

Do you want a dog that’s a joy to live with and a dream to take out?

Is your teenage or adult dog running wild?

Is your cute puppy something of a distant memory?

Do you have a rescue dog that needs some basic training?

The DELIGHTFUL DOG METHOD is for dogs older than 5 months and is a step by step course that will help you have the dog you’ve always dreamed of.


What are the ingredients for a Delightful Dog? A dog that’s a pleasure to live with and a joy to take out

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🐾 Rock Solid Recall

🐾 Magnificent Manners, indoors and out

🐾 Lovely Loose Lead Walking

🐾 Leave Stuff Alone When Asked

🐾 Fabulous Focus, Even With Distractions

🐾 Good Doggie Etiquette With Other Dogs And People

Our 6 week Delightful Dog Course will help you achieve all of the above

No more……

X Feeling embarrassed and frustrated at the park when your dog won’t come back when you call them

X Having your arm yanked out its socket as you walk up the road

X Worrying about what your dog might pick up and eat

X Feeling like you’re invisible as soon as you leave the house

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The Delightful Dog Course

When: Monday 18th July at 7.30pm

Where: Just off A2 between Sittingbourne and Rainham (full directions will be given at time of booking)

Price: £97 for 6 weeks

What are you waiting for? Book your place below:

Delightful Dog Method: Tuesday 2nd August at 7.30pm

Delightful Dog Method: Saturday 3rd September at 11.30am

Included with the course is a 100% money back guarantee. If you're not happy for any reason within the first 14 days, drop us an email and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.


I started training my little doggie when he was 12months. He’d had no training whatsoever. I’d tried but didn’t get very far until I met Rachel. She is amazing! We have been brining Charlie to classes for 26 weeks today and what can I say, he can sit, stay, lay, roll over, jump, speak, walk backwards, beg, give paw and take my hat off! If someone had told me he would be able to do all that in just over 5 months I would have never believed them! I’m so proud of how far my little fluffy friend has come in a short space of time and its all thanks to Rachel with her time and effort and believing in him

– Lauren and Charlie

As first time dog owners of a high energy breed puppy and the many challenges faced, Rachel and Canine Connection have been essential to guide us through every step to build a healthy, happy and loving relationship with our little one

– Elvira, Clara and Pipo

I was very nervous about going to the classes with Layla. However, Rachel was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. Rachel and Rachel always have Layla’s best interest at heart and are very happy to let her settle in her own time and work at her own pace. Within a short space of time I already have a better connection with Layla and walks are far less stressful. Hiring the secure field has brilliant for Layla it is a delight to see her off the lead and running safely and free in the field chasing her ball or just roaming around.

– Ellen and Layla

Fun training classes in a lovely environment, taught by people that our dogs adore! – Una and Freddie came to us as two lovely, but nervous and troubled rescue dogs, who hadn’t had the best start in life. The Rachael’s helped them, and us, gain some confidence, and focus, with lots of fun and games thrown in to make it as enjoyable as it is worthwhile. The training field is in a lovely spot, meaning the children can disappear off into a far corner to enjoy themselves in the long grass whilst we and the dogs ‘work’.Away from the training field, we’ve relied upon Canine Connection to walk these two, as well as our previous, lovely old Great Dane, Jerome, and – as the dogs don’t travel well – we are delighted to trust them to house- and dog-sit, allowing us to spend time away with family.

-Gavin, Zoe, Freddie and Una