Dog Training

Puppy Training

Are you pulling your hair out with your new puppy?
Are they running rings round you?
Are you feeling frustrated and at your wits end?

Owning a puppy is hard work and investment in puppy training now, will save you a whole lot of time, stress and money further down the line

Behavioural Consultations

Most behaviours that owners find unacceptable are perfectly normal for our canine friends. It is important to search for the root cause thinking about what the dog needs and how we can satisfy those needs in an acceptable way rather than just trying to fix the behaviour and suppress their natural instincts.

Engage, Play, Connect
– Adult dog training classes

Is your teenage or adult dog running a mock? Is your cute little puppy something of a distant memory? Maybe you have a rescue dog that has just come to live with you and needs some basic training
1:1 Private training
Do you have specific issues you need to work on with your dog?
Are they dragging you along the road every time you leave the house?
Are you too scared to let them off lead as you know they won’t come back?
Do they ignore you at the slightest distraction?
Are they running rings round you indoors?

Growl Course

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl or spin at the mere sight of another dog? Do you dread taking your dog out for a walk?  Are you constantly apologizing for their behaviour?  


Walk This Way
Racing Recalls
The Power of Play
Clicker Training 

Are you pulling your hair out with your new puppy? Worried your sweet natured pup is turning into a devil dog?

New puppy owners make some very common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

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