Activity Walks

Do you feel guilty leaving your dog at home all day whilst you’re at work?

Do you come home to find your dog bouncing off the walls from being left alone and bored?

Do you love your dog but struggle to find the time to walk them due to your busy lifestyle?

When a regular dog walker just won’t do,  let the Canine Connection Dog Walking Activity Team take care of it for you.

We offer more than just pounding the pavements with your pooch. We have our own enclosed fields where we take your dogs so they can be exercised safely off lead, without you having to worry about them running off and getting lost or other dogs not in our group spoiling the party.

We don’t just let your dogs have lots of off lead crazy play with other dogs. We will engage in lots of fun activities, including agility, scent work and nose games, basic training and games such as hide and seek and tug games. We will also sometimes take your dog for a lead walk to a different location to offer some variation and different sniffing opportunities!

Why choose us?

We’re not just your average dog walker! All members of the activity walking team have been trained by our resident trainers and behaviourist in canine body language, basic training, clicker training, basic scent work, agility and effective play. This is to ensure we offer a first class, premium service that goes beyond pounding the pavements day after day, or letting your dogs run around like loons with other dogs every time.

An activity walk with us combining appropriate playtime, positive play and mental activities will allow you to come home to a happy, physically and mentally tired pooch that will be a pleasure to have around in the evenings!

Activity packages:

Group Walks –£12

Another dogs from the same household, an extra £7.50

Solo walks –£17

Another dogs from the same household, an extra £7.50

Puppy Pop -in Service

Do you have a new puppy at home and worried about leaving them whilst you go to work? Our Puppy pop – in service allows you to go to work with the piece of mind that your puppy will be visited as many times as required through-out the day.

During our visits we will not only let your puppy out to go to the toilet, we will play with them, do some basic training, groom them and take them for a short walk if required.

  • A 30 minute visit – £12
  • A 45 minute visit – £15
  • A 60 minute visit – £18
We also offer a pet sitting service in your own home with overnight stays. A lot of owners do not want their dogs going into kennels, especially if they are rescue dogs and want their dogs to be able to stay in the comfort of their own home with the same routine they are used to.

“Absolutely amazing. My Holly adores Rachel who has done wonders for her ‘very excitable, loves everything, but sometimes a little too much temperament’. Holly loves her play dates with her friends and I can relax knowing she is 100% safe under the watchful eyes of Rachel and her team. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my reassure Holly”

– Karen and Holly

“I highly recommend Rachel for dog sitting and walking. I have used her service on many occasions over the last five years.

During the times she stayed at our home she kept the house neat and tidy and stayed in communication with us on a regular basis, eliminating the stress of leaving our dog while we were on holiday.

Rachel is reliable and always available to pop in for a dog visit during the day at short notice.

Above all, Rachel is trustworthy, and my dog Jess loves her.”

– Charlotte and Jess

“5 stars… We’ve used Canine Connection for over a year walking weekdays and occasionally on weekends and couldn’t be happier. They take such good care of Coco and safely transport her in the air con van. Coco loves her time in the field with other dogs. It’s fantastic value and wears her out!”

– Charlotte and Coco