Donna Pickett

Dog Adventure walker

Hello, I’m Donna. Although I grew up around dogs through extended family and friends, I had not had the pleasure of owning my own until five years ago.

I started my own personal experience with dogs by fostering for the Dogs Trust in Canterbury. I gained a wealth of experience through the fostering, as each dog that came into my home had their own unique issues they needed help with.

I found fostering very rewarding and although it was always sad to see a dog leave, it was also a joy to see the dogs move onto their forever homes.

Somehow I went from fostering to owning three rehomed dogs in the space of a week! There, my life changed and now my life would not be complete without dogs. Sadly we have now lost our two older dogs, however we still have Vader who is now five, and last February we got Indiana at twelve weeks old.

I love walking and playing with my own dogs and feel privileged to be able to do this for your dogs through Rachel’s services.

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