One to One Dog Training

Do you have specific issues you need to work on with your dog?
Are they dragging you along the road every time you leave the house?
Are you too scared to let them off lead as you know they won’t come back?
Do they ignore you at the slightest distraction?
Are they running rings round you indoors?
Do you have a rescue dog that you need help with? Settling them into your home and building an awesome bond together?

A lot of training problems stem from a breakdown of communication between dog and owner. We are committed to working together with you to achieve the results you desire by helping you to communicate more effectively with your furry best friend, whether that be walking nicely on the lead, a rapid recall, better focus on you outside, good manners indoors or any other training issue you may have.

We use force free, ethical training methods based on science. No aversive techniques are ever used including prong collars, choke chains, spray collars, squirt bottles or rattles tins.

A private 1:1 training programme will be tailored to you and your dogs specific requirements and can be undertaken either in your home or at the Canine Connection training venue. Most training issues you are experiencing with your dog will take more than one or two sessions to resolve effectively. You will need to lay the foundations before we tackle the specific problem to ensure we set you and your dog up for success.


Package prices:


  • 3 training sessions
  • Video tutorials
  • Handouts and session notes
  • Private Facebook Community



  • 5 training sessions
  • Video tutorials
  • Handouts and session notes
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Open Coaching Once a Week



  • 8 training sessions
  • Video tutorials
  • Handouts and session notes
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Open Coaching Once a week
  • 4 Field Hire sessions
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If your dog is experiencing behavioural issues, then a behavioural consultation will need to be undertaken instead.

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Having been dragged along the footpath between the Canine Connection Dog School, by my 18 month old Staffy, Oakley for a number of months and having seen the dogs in the field being trained, I decided to find out the name and number of that school. Having found it, I called Rachel, had a quick discussion and booked our training appointment. I am still not sure if I was more excited or terrified at the prospect of being totally humiliated by my Oakley when he and Rachel would meet for the first time. Rachel would SEE my dog and his behaviour (and I now realise my behaviour!).
From the very off, Rachel said things about dogs and their thinking process which made total sense and made me rethink how I saw an behaved around dogs.
From the very first training session, I saw a different Oakley. It was as if for the first time he actually saw me as a fun person not just someone who told him commands and fed him, and who he dragged around for utterly uncomfortable dreaded walks.
On the second session, Rachel said she was going to teach us how to loose lead walk. I was inside laughing at her hysterically. Oakley not dragging me around? Walks to become a pleasure? This would be a miracle. Well, with the training set in place and me knowing what I needed to do, it was up to me how this went.
I know I will only get out of this the same effort I put in, Oakley has shown he is willing to learn, so if I want pleasant walks in the future I can really have them.
I can not thanks Rachel enough for what she has taught me, let alone what she has done for my relationship with Oakley, We now have a connection which is something we never had before. Looking forward to more training so my Oakley and I can be the best as we can be. A woman and her dog best friend”

– Andrea and Oakley