Learn how to raise your puppy the SAFER® way

If you are looking to give your dog the absolute best start, with a top quality education, you are in the right place!

Online Puppy Prgramme
Online Puppy Prgramme

Can you relate to any of the following?


Feeling at your wits end with your puppy’s relentless biting


Stressed trying to integrate the puppy and the children


Feeling frustrated your puppy won’t listen to you, especially outside with distractions


Wondering how to stop your puppy wanting to say hello to everything and everyone!


Pulling your hair out that your puppy can’t seem to master where to go to the toilet


Can’t seem to get your puppy to settle in the evenings, during the ‘witching hour’!

These are all common feelings that new puppy owners have, you’re not alone.

Our SAFER® Way Online Puppy Course will teach you and your puppy all the important things you need to know in those first few months that will set you both up for success and get you living in harmony together.

As well as practical training we also teach you about how dogs learn, overcoming common problems, the importance of good socialisation, mastering loose lead walking and recall without losing your mind and much more!

Canine Connection Company Online Puppy Course


A reactive dog is a dog who overreacts to stimuli in their environment. The stimuli which evokes a reaction can differ; it might be moving objects like bikes, joggers or scooters, other dogs/animals, or people.

Typically a reactive dog becomes fixated on a stimuli, often referred to as a trigger, and will bark, lunge or growl until the ‘thing’ goes away.
This sequence of behaviour is very effective in your dog’s eyes. Inevitably, the stimuli they want to leave will eventually go away – and your dog associates their barking/lunging with achieving the disappearance of the scary thing.

Effectively stop the biting for good

Stop the toileting accidents once and for all
Teach your puppy basic behaviours
Build your puppy’s confidence up in the big wide world
Teach them that being left alone is a good thing
Get them to give up items they’ve stolen!
Help them to settle and relax in the evenings
Socialise your puppy in the SAFER® way, to stop them becoming fearful, frustrated or over excited


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recommended for learning essential skills

I was recommended Canine Connection by a friend who had achieved great results with their puppy and learnt many useful skills, especially with recall.

I would highly recommend Canine Connection to anyone looking to settle in with their pup and learn essential life skills.

Cheryl and Bonnie

Get the perfect puppy course
Here, at Canine Connection we believe that it’s very important for your puppy to learn life skills and be confident, calm and happy in those first few months together, so you can live in harmony together.

Do you want the perfect puppy?

A puppy that’s a pleasure to live with and a joy to take out?


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I can always see improvements

I love the philosophy and I think Coco does too as it’s as much about me understanding my dog as about her doing what I’d like her to do!

We’ve achieved a lot with the SAFER Way Puppy Course. Still a lot to do and learn but it’s been fun and I can always see improvements and that’s what spurs me on.

Janet and CoCo