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Have you heard that if you want a well mannered dog you can take everywhere, you need to socialise your puppy as much as possible?

This is the message that puppy owners receive time and time again. And it’s true – to an extent… But socialising your puppy well probably doesn’t look quite as you imagine.

In a quest to raise a confident and well behaved puppy, many new puppy owners fall into the socialisation trap – and wind up with a fearful, frustrated or overexcited dog.

My SAFERⓡ puppy training classes teach you how to understand your puppy and socialise them effectively, without overdoing it and causing future problems.

puppy classes Sittingbourne Rainham Maidstone Isle of Sheppey Gillingham Rochester Gravesend Dartford

Nurture your relationship

Keep stress levels low

Enjoy harmony and freedom

A world away from puppy obedience classes

As a dog trainer and behaviourist who works with a lot of reactive dogs, I’m very passionate about dogs not becoming fearful, frustrated or overexcited in the first place.

Prevention is better than cure as they say, and I’m here to help you lay meaningful foundations with your puppy, so you can enjoy a harmonious and freedom filled life together.

Obedience classes focus on teaching behaviours, but they lack in giving you and your puppy the early education you need to truly understand each other and nurture a strong bond.

Raising a well rounded and resilient puppy relies on a lot more than teaching a sit or a down in a class hall. The most important thing you can establish with your new puppy is a strong understanding and relationship, so you can support your puppy to feel confident and safe – wherever you are.

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SAFER® Puppy Classes

Our 8 week puppy training classes follow my proven SAFERⓡ pathway, helping you develop and nurture a wonderful relationship with your puppy.

Of course, you’ll teach your puppy essential life skills such as coming back when called, walking nicely on the lead and to leave stuff alone when asked. And we’ll cover puppy biting, toilet training and spending time alone. But that’s a small portion of what you’ll unlock when you choose the SAFERⓡ way.



Set your puppy up for success from the very beginning. Establish great understanding and communication with your puppy, so you can support them to grow in confidence.


Learn how to spot the signs when your pup needs a helping hand, so you can support them and prevent them becoming fearful, frustrated or overexcited.


Teach your puppy to focus on you, no matter what is going on around them. Then you can enjoy freedom in the outside world, confident your puppy will pay attention to you.


Learn how triggers in the environment affect your puppy, so you can grow their confidence and instil manners when socialising in the outside world, stress-free!


Build resilience at both ends of the lead, so you can bounce back quickly from any stressful events or incidents.


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Help from the start

I can’t recommend Canine Connection enough!

When I decided to get my little ball of fluff when he was 10 weeks old, I didn’t have a clue what to do with him (literally not a clue!)

From the very beginning, Rachel has taught me how to train Winston and at 8 months he has learnt so much that I would never have thought he would be able to do!

Thanks Rachel for helping me with him and making him into the well behaved ( well most of the time ) and fun loving dog he is!

Emily & Winston

How SAFER® puppy classes work

Safer Puppy Classes Kent

Our puppy training classes are small in order to give you the time, attention and support you need.

You can expect practical training and ample insights into dog behaviour that will set you up for a lifetime of great understanding and communication with one another.

We also take our training out into the big wide world, so you can transition your training beyond the class hall or training field.

Safer Puppy Classes Kent

8 x weekly puppy classes (no more than 4 dogs per class)

Welcome pack including healthy treats, enrichment toy, discount card and more!

Access to our private Facebook group for ongoing support

Video vault of training videos to keep you on track

Easy to follow handouts, so you never have to try and remember everything!

Price: £150 (equivalent of £18.75 per class)

These classes are for puppies 6 months old and below.
If you have an older dog, please book a free call to discuss your options.

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Highly recommended

The team at Canine Connection are fantastic!

Their desire to do their best for not just the owners but the dogs shines through everything they do.

I’ve used most of their services over the years, and despite having owned dogs for 30+ years, the first thing I did when taking on a puppy was sign up for their puppy classes.

That little monster is now in the Superstars class! Her big “brother “ comes along too and they both love it.

I can’t recommend highly enough.

Teresa Kavanagh


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Perfect Puppy Blueprint

Learn Exactly What it Takes to Raise Your Perfect Puppy!

Get your free SAFERⓡ puppy training guide here. Packed with practical advice on puppy biting, toilet training, play, enrichment, socialisation, and a whole lot more!
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Can’t commit to weekly puppy classes?

If your schedule doesn’t allow you to make our weekly puppy classes, don’t despair! We have an online puppy training course you can sign up for!

Get instant access and begin training your puppy the SAFERⓡ way today.

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