Puppy Training Classes

Are you pulling your hair out with your new puppy? Worried your sweet natured pup is turning into a devil dog?

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Are you pulling your hair out with your new puppy?

Are they running rings round you?

Are you feeling frustrated and at your wits end?

The Pesky to Perfect Puppy Method

Do you want the perfect puppy?

By enrolling on our puppy training classes, we will help you to achieve just that. Puppies can attend up until 20 weeks of age.

Through a proven combination of online video tutorials, weekly live in person classes, tailored coaching in our private Facebook community and support and guidance from the Canine Connection team 24/7, we will teach you how to get that wonderful dog you’ve always dreamed of. A dog that is a pleasure to live with and to take out and about with you.

Owning a puppy can be hard work, and can be like a full time job. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they came into our lives preprogrammed but they don’t, it’s up to us as their owners to teach them how we want them to behave in this strange world they’ve found themselves in.

They don’t know where to go to the toilet, that they shouldn’t steal and chew your favourite pair of shoes, bite your hands and your ankles! Nor do they know that they shouldn’t be pulling your arm out of its socket or running off as soon as you get to the park!

Investment in puppy training now, will save you a whole lot of time, stress and money further down the line. You will also have more chance of staying with your dog forever. It is a well known fact that those puppies who do not have training in the early stages are likely to end up difficult to manage, unruly dogs, most likely to be given up.

Pesky to Perfect Puppy Method: Sunday 18th July at 9am


I have been having 1:1 puppy training and attending classes with Canine Connection for the past six months in the hope of ending up with a well behaved Cocker Spaniel! I love the philosophy and I think Coco does too as its as much about me understanding my dog as about her doing what I’d like her to do! We’ve achieved a lot with Rachel’s guidance and support. Still a lot to do and learn but it’s been fun and I can always see improvements and that’s what spurs me on

– Janet and Coco

I was a little nervous about starting a new puppy class with Mollie, but my worries were soon put aside. Rachel is an amazing dog trainer! Mollie has learnt loads and loves Rachel and her classes. She also enjoys socialising with the other dogs. I have also learnt lots of really good techniques. I am so glad I was recommended by a friend.

– Nikki and Molly

I was recommended Canine Connection by a friend who had achieved great results with their puppy and learnt many useful skills, especially with recall. After losing our last beautiful fur baby so tragically in a car accident when she had run off into the road during a summers day walk, I was determined that with our next one, I would make a good, confident recall a priority and I knew the best person to call! First off I had a couple of 1:1s at home where I learnt many useful tips that I could easily out into practice straight away. I quickly started to see the results and couldn’t believe how simple it was! I was then inspired to commence the group puppy classes where I continued to learn important skills and develop a deeper bond and focus with my puppy. The classes are fun, informative and sociable and I always look forward to them.I would highly recommend Canine Connection to anyone looking to settle in with their pup and learn essential life skills.

– Cheryl and Bonnie

Rachel has been truly amazing with our beagle puppy. Bailey was very anxious when we got her and through 1:1 sessions Rachel provided us with lots of advice and suggestions on how to build her confidence. We have now taken Bailey on two of Rachel’s puppy training courses and her confidence is continuing to grow and we have been able to achieve things that we never thought we would. Rachel is absolutely committed to her job and is always on hand whenever we have a question. We can’t recommend her enough!

– Vicky, James and Bailey

We booked the 1:1 puppy package with Rachel and in the early stages found it so vital as Logan was my first dog and being a Husky Cross was quite a challenge!
Although I had done my research, Rachel covered a lot more detail such as diet, training tips and clicker training. We also opted to crate train and were given advice on that. Rachel listened to us and tailor made the sessions to suit the problems we were experiencing.
The final 1:1 we met at the field and did a lot of work around recall and introduced the whistle. I cannot recommend Canine Connection Home Schooling package highly enough!

– Sarah and Logan