Rachel Woollven: My passion for Dogs


My passion for dogs has always been there but wasn’t ignited until my first dog came into my life in the form of a gorgeous, very bouncy, floppy eared Weimaraner called Henry almost fifteen years ago. Due to my complete ignorance back then and through no fault of his own, he proved to be a challenge to say the least! He has however been my greatest teacher.

Shortly after Henry came to live with me I had a serious car accident, so unfortunately I did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked with him for around 18 months.

Once I had fully recovered I found spending time with Henry so enjoyable but he was hard work. It was also around this time that I took in a rescue Rottweiler, Casey. I now had two big dogs that had loads of energy and needed lots of training and walking.

I decided that I wanted to learn how to understand my dogs behaviour better and teach them how to behave in the right way, so I enrolled on a training course which after lots of study led me to completing my Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Training and Behaviour back in 2010.

I decided that after qualifying as a trainer and behaviourist, I would love to start helping other dog owners get the same enjoyment and satisfaction that I now had with my two dogs, so it was then that Canine Connection was born!

Over the last 10yrs, with lots of hard work, the support of my fantastic clients and my amazing team, Canine Connection is now a thriving dog training and walking adventure business in the heart of the canine community in Kent.

Myself and my team have helped many, many owners achieve a more enriching relationship with their dogs, whichever breed they have been. We have helped countless owners with training and behavioural issues as well as giving their dogs the much needed exercise they need. It gives me a great feeling to see owners connect more strongly and have a greater bond with their dogs after attending training classes or 1:1 private training sessions.

I’m often asked what it is I love most about my job and its simply teaching owners that any form of training or behaviour work is a two way conversation between them and their dog. Once this happens, the joy I get from seeing their relationship and connection blossom is priceless’.