Rachel Woollven

Head trainer and behaviourist

Introduction to Canine Psychology – Animal Care College, 2009
Dogwise Award in Dog Training and Behaviour – COAPE, 2010
Canine First Aid – Animal Aiders, 2011 and 2017
Advanced Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training – COAPE, 2011
Courses & Seminars Attended
COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers – Dog, the law and how to cope with the reactive ones, May 2011
Learning About Dogs – Rehab: building the confident dog, June 2011
Learning About Dogs – Life skills, August 2011
Learning About Dogs – Teaching life skills and rehabilitation, August 2011
U.K.R.C.B (UK Registry of Canine Behaviour) – Learning for Life: Considering a new approach to educating puppies, September 2011
Sarah Whitehead – Dog aggression masterclass, October 2011
Learning About Dogs – Teaching puppies and adolescents, November 2011
Learning About Dogs – Teachers workshops, June 2012
COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourists and Trainers – Dogs and what they can do, May 2013
Ken Ramirez – 2 day seminar, May 2013
Sarah Whitehead – Learn to talk dog, August 2013
Kathy Sdao – 2 day seminar, November 2013
Diamond Dog – Agility Instructors Course, April 2014
Learning About Dogs – ‘Outside the Box’, November 2014
Ken Ramirez – Training from core to complex, May 2015
IMDT – Grumpy Dogs, July 2015
IMDT – Injecting fun and creativity into classes, July 2015
IMDT – Happy Recallers, August 2015
IMDT – Loose Leaders, August 2015
Learning About Dogs – Clicker training weekend, August 2015
Positive Animal Solutions – Clicker Expo, November 2016
Domesticated Manners – 3 day Woof conference, February 2017
Ken Ramirez – 2 day seminar, May 2017
Animal Events U.K. – 3 day puppy conference, January 2018

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