Reactive Dog Training in Kent and virtually

Take your dog from frenzied to calm (even if you think things are too far gone)

Reactive dog training Kent

Darting behind bushes, walking at crazy hours, hoping to dear dog you’ll be able to hold onto the lead if your dog loses it… the telltale signs that you share your life with a fearful, frustrated or overexcited dog.

I’m sure it’s not what you imagined when you welcomed a dog into your world. And you may be feeling like nothing is going to make things any better.

My proven SAFER® reactive dog training programme, is the tonic you’ve been searching for. (you can put the gin back in the cupboard!)

Reactive dog training Kent

Life before GROWL

Dread leaving the house with your dog

Anxiety is ruling your lives

Terrified your dog may go to far

Feel helpless, trapped, or out of your depth

Life after GROWL

Happily enjoying time with your dog

Feeling confident - you’ve got this!

Outbursts are no longer a worry

Feel optimistic, secure, and supported

A lifeline for reactive dogs
(and their humans)

The GROWL Solution is a reactivity programme unlike any other. It’s founded on my unique SAFER® pathway that sets you and your dog up for success from the very start. You’ll have a qualified and experienced dog behaviourist by your side for the long haul, so you’ll never struggle alone again.

Local clients get FREE SECURE DOG FIELD HIRE, so you can instantly breathe a sigh of relief, whilst we get to work on calming your dog and changing how they feel about the world.



Set your dog up for success from the very start and reduce stress so training can begin.


Understand what your dog’s communicating and feeling, so we can start making changes.


Teach your dog to focus on you, instead of fixating on triggers in their environment and getting in a tailspin.


Learn how to use the environment to your advantage, so training is easier and the outside world isn’t so worrying.


Build resilience so you can both bounce back from any stressful events or incidents.

Are you ready to go from frenzied to calm?

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Reactive dog training Sittingbourne
Reactive Dog Training Kent Canine Connection


Quotes 2

the change is amazing!

We have been working with Rachel on the Growl Programme and even though we’ve only had a few sessions the change in our dog Sydney is amazing!!

Sydney is a very anxious and reactive American Bulldog X French Mastiff and has previously caused us no end of sleepless nights!!!

We used to walk at silly o’clock in the morning and evening and dread each time, through fear of bumping into any other dogs, cats, wildlife etc.

But now (slowly but surely) changes are happening. This is all through Rachel’s training methods and advice.

Today, we saw Rachel (in person) for the second time and Sydney is like a different dog!!! Her tail was up and she was visibly happier, as well as content doing happy zoomies in the field.

We cannot thank you enough and even though we are so early on in the program we are so pleased with the results already!!

Stephanie and Sydney

The Reactive Dog GROWL Solution Programme

Local dog training for your reactive dog

This programme is for fearful, frustrated and overexcited dogs who overreact to things in their environment. Typically we help dogs who bark, lunge or growl at other dogs, animals, or people, to change the way they feel about the world and to restore calm.

Your dog’s not giving you a hard time, they’re having a hard time. The GROWL Solution programme will help your dog overcome their struggles, so they feel better about the world.

I work with you, to guide you through reducing reactivity, establishing new habits and changing the way you both feel. It’s a partnership, and I’ll help you make yours a happy and confident one.

Local dog training for your reactive dog

12 sessions (in-person or virtually)

4 x optional group classes (set up especially for reactive dogs)

3-6 months of support, so I’m by your side every step of your journey

Free secure field hire in Sittingbourne, Kent

Free Club Connection membership

including monthly Q&As, masterclasses, and a space to ask questions and connect with other owners in the same boat

Access to online video tutorials

including enrichment, scentwork and reams of activities and training to try

Interest-free payment plans are available

In-person (incl. unlimited free field hire throughout the programme)


Puppy Classes: Sittingbourne, Rainham, Maidstone, Isle of Sheppey, Gillingham, Rochester, Gravesend, Dartford, and surrounding areas.


Paws And Play Activity Centre
Off Breach Lane

The GROWL Solution programme is available virtually, for a reduced price.


Quotes 2

The difference is incredible

Our little Bonnie had become really reactive to other dogs to the point where we couldn’t take her out for a walk. We’d tried other dog trainers but nothing worked.

Bonnie went through Growl classes and has now progressed to be a part of a normal class. The difference in her is incredible.

She’s now a lot more comfortable around other dogs, and we’re a lot more confident in how to handle situations when they arise. Rachel uses nothing but love and positive reinforcement.

Thanks to Rachel, we now have our dog back and can enjoy our time together rather than dreading walks in case we come across another dog.

Vicky and Bonnie

Canine Connection success with reactive dogs

Specialist Reactivity Membership – immediate, affordable help

This is not a substitute for the GROWL Solution programme, but if you’re not able to commit to a bigger training programme, this is a great alternative that gives you immediate help at an affordable rate.

There are a wealth of training videos for you to dive straight into, plus regular online group sessions to take you through transforming your dog’s behaviour. (and a whole lot more to boot!)



I don’t live in Kent, can I still sign up for The GROWL Solution programme?

Yes! I offer this reactivity programme both virtually and in-person.

Training online is incredibly effective for reactive dogs, as it removes extra triggers from the environment.

Virtual access to the GROWL Solution programme is available at a reduced rate. Please book a call to discuss.

How long does the programme take?
The GROWL Solution programme is completely bespoke to you and your dog, we go at your pace. Typically the programme is completed between 4-6 months.

Reactivity isn’t solved overnight, but previous students have reported significant changes worth celebrating very early on in their programme.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes! I offer interest free payment plans to help you spread the cost whilst starting your training immediately.
My dog is excitable rather than reactive. Is The GROWL Solution programme right for us?

Yes, overexcited dogs need help to calm and change their responses to triggers just as much as fearful or frustrated dogs.

Both fear and excitement have the same physiological effect on your dog; their body is flooded with stress chemicals. This leads to heightened levels of arousal which makes it difficult to teach your dog alternative responses.

Depending on what’s going on with your dog, you may find our reactivity membership a better fit.

Why not jump on a free call and we’ll find the best match training for you.

I've tried other training before, how is this different?
You won’t find my SAFERⓡ pathway anywhere else. It’s a method I’ve developed after specialising in working with reactive dogs for many years.

The programme is longer than many other reactive dog training courses because I know that to achieve real and long lasting change, it takes more than a handful of sessions.

The GROWL Solution programme will give you everything you need to transform your lives and make way for the harmony and freedom you both deserve.

My dog is not food motivated. Will this still work?
When a dog is stressed they often will refuse food or treats. This programme works first on bringing your dog’s stress levels right down, so you will likely find your dog will be more open to food rewards.

I’ll work with you to find the reward your dog values and ensure their stress levels are low. If food doesn’t work for your dog, there are alternatives we can use instead.

Do you use punishment?
Never. Any form of training or behaviour we work on is based on reinforcing and building a positive and fear free conversation between you and your dog.

I will ensure that in any work we do together, both you and your dog always feel at ease, optimistic and certain that you are safe.

I have more than one dog, can I still sign up?
Yes! Training in a multi-dog household can require some extra help, as you balance taking care of each dog’s needs.

Your programme is bespoke to you and your family, and will be adapted to your lifestyle.

I’m at breaking point, how quickly can we start?

Book a free call with us straight away and we’ll do our best to give you some management solutions you can put into practice immediately.

We’ll get your first session booked in as soon as possible, relief is on its way!

Have a question we’ve not covered?
Reactivity and your dog Ebook

5 Secrets To Living In Harmony With Your Fearful, Frustrated Or Over Excited Dog

This 24 page ebook gives you a solid introduction to training your reactive dog the SAFER® way.

Get instant access and start unlocking your dog’s inner calm today.

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