Do you own a reactive dog? Are you embarrassed and frustrated by their behaviour and constantly apologising for them? Are you at a loss at how to help them?

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Reactive Dog Training

Does your dog bark, lunge, growl or spin at the mere sight of another dog? Do you dread taking your dog out for a walk? Are you constantly apologizing for their behaviour?

Did you think having a dog would involve nice, sociable walks connecting with other dog walkers in your community but instead you’re walking at stupid o’clock in the morning or late at night, just to hopefully avoid seeing any other dogs?

You’re not alone. Dog reactivity can be and is a common and difficult problem for owners. Owners often try to get their dogs to meet lots of different dogs in the hope they will stop displaying the undesirable behaviours because they will just ‘get used’ to it. However, this nearly always makes dogs worse as they are learning over and over again that other dogs are something to be worried about or overly stimulated and frustrated by.

I have been specializing in working with reactive dogs for the last 5 years and designed the Growl Solution Programme to specifically help these special dogs. The Programme is 3 months and the aim is to help your dog feel comfortable in the presence of other dogs and to teach them to make better behavioural choices when they see them, through a mix of 1:1s and group classes. It will also give you, their owner valuable skills to be able to deal with real life situations when out and about with them.


“Floss and I have just finished the growl course – a specific class for reactive dogs, which I can’t recommend highly enough. Rachel our instructor is so understanding of the needs of our fur babies and us as handlers/owners. I was unsure initially but so glad we persevered and we are now making progress and I’m feeling so much more confident with her. Thanks so much Rachel”

– Jayne and Floss

“Rachel is an amazing trainer who truly understands and loves dogs and how to use positive methods in order to help them develop. We have just completed the growl course and enjoyed every week, as it was taken just at the right pace for our reactive dog, Bella. It was wonderful seeing her respond and progress under Rachel’s guidance and has given us more confidence too. Couldn’t recommend Rachel’s growl course enough to those looking for help with a reactive dog. We look forward to attending more classes with Rachel to continue with our dogs training”

– Amy and Bella

“We sought Rachel’s advice about 9 months ago now. After she was attacked, our little Bonnie had become really reactive to other dogs, to the point where we couldn’t take her out for a walk. We’d tried other dog trainers but nothing worked. Bonnie went through growl classes and has now progressed to be part of a normal class. The difference in her is incredible. She is now a lot more comfortable around other dogs, and we’re a lot more confident in how to handle situations when they arise. Rachel uses nothing but love and positive reinforcement. Thanks to Rachel, we now have our dog back and can enjoy our time together rather than dreading walks in case we come across another dog”

– Vicky, Gary and Bonnie