Sophie with her dog Amigo

Sophie Osborne

Assistant Trainer & Dog Adventure walker

Whilst studying for my degree, my love for animal behaviour and training flourished, and when I graduated three years later I focused my attention on dog training and knew I’d found my purpose.

Under Rachel’s tutelage and my continued studies I aim to help as many owners as I possibly can for many years to come.

Animals have always been my passion. I started training and scentwork games with dogs as a teenager.

I have extensive knowledge of Animal behaviour from my BSc Equine Science degree.

I have gained a DMWYD Advanced trick dog title.

I have now been helping owners for approaching two years. However, I continue to further my education with:
– Institute of Modern Dog Trainers course,
– School of Canine Science
– Canine Principles
– More complex training and behavioural case studies

What I love most about my job is helping dogs and owners go on to have better, more insync lives together. Special areas of interest for me include cooperative vet care, and breeders puppy rearing techniques and their effects.

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