Canine Connection has two wonderful secure fields in which dogs can run freely and safely and this is how we met Rachel. We have two dogs, one suffers from anxiety we think through being attacked a number of times and so finding the field was amazing. Rachel and her colleague Debbie now walk our two dogs on a daily basis during the working week. Both of them adore Rachel and Debbie and are much more settled . We also attend training with our eldest (the anxious one) and his development has been amazing. Previously he was hyper focused constantly watching his surroundings and ready for action. Now he is much more foccused on us and less so on his surroundings. He is more relaxed and his anxiety is definitely less than before. I never thought we would be able to bring down the way he focuses on his surroundings but Rachel’s training classes really work and it’s wonderful to see our baby happier and more settled than he has been for quite some time. Rachel and Debbie really look after and care for our dogs and they are always exhausted after their daily run. I cannot recommend Rachel and her team and enough.