Solving reactivity in dogs the SAFER® way

The Growl Solution Programme

Reactivity 101 The online reactive dog course
Reactivity is tough on both your dog and you. All the hopes and dreams you had for life with your dog have shattered and you might be left feeling isolated, embarrassed and at your wits end.

What will happen if you don’t get your dog’s erratic behaviour under control?


Are things going to get worse?


Is your dog a bite risk?

Reactivity 101 The online reactive dog course
These are all common questions that reactive dog owners share with me. The fear may have started within your dog, but that fear is now spilling over and leaving you worried about what the future holds.

Reactivity in dogs happens for a reason. But it’s not something to blame yourself for. Your dog barks, lunges and growls because it’s the only mechanism they have to keep things that scare them at a distance.

But together, we can teach your dog an alternative way to secure the safety they crave, without having to resort to whirling around on the lead, getting worked up and stressed out.

What is a reactive dog?

A reactive dog is a dog who overreacts to stimuli in their environment. The stimuli which evokes a reaction can differ; it might be moving objects like bikes, joggers or scooters, other dogs/animals, or people.

Typically a reactive dog becomes fixated on a stimuli, often referred to as a trigger, and will bark, lunge or growl until the ‘thing’ goes away.
This sequence of behaviour is very effective in your dog’s eyes. Inevitably, the stimuli they want to leave will eventually go away – and your dog associates their barking/lunging with achieving the disappearance of the scary thing.

How to train a reactive dog

Through combining an increased sense of safety, boosting confidence and teaching your dog new responses to their triggers, your dog will no longer feel the need to routinely bark, lunge and overreact to feel safe.

To calm your reactive dog and reduce outbursts, we need to

Lowerour dog’s stress levels to diminish reactions

Increaseyour dog’s sense of safety so confidence can grow

Improve two-way communication, to prevent reactive outbursts

Changehow your dog feels about their triggers, so they can stay calm

Online Reactive Dog Training

Introducing The Growl Solution Programme; Tackling Reactivity The SAFER® way

The Growl Solution Programme is an online reactive dog training course like no other. Starting your training at home is the #1 way to accelerate your training, so you can begin enjoying vast improvements quickly.

Training your reactive dog at home allows you to lower your dog’s stress levels fast, so your dog can start learning. If your dog is stressed or in a high state of arousal, it’s physically impossible for them to process and learn anything new.

Harness the SAFER® way of training, and enjoy a calm, confident, relaxed dog.

Accelerate your training with instant access

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What’s inside The Growl Solution Programme?

What’s inside The Growl Solution Programme?

You’ll get instant access to eight reactive dog training modules, plus one month’s FREE access to our specialist reactivity community for interactive professional support.

PLUS bonus access to our racing recallers and loose lead walking courses.


We begin with laying the vital foundations to set you and your dog up for success. We explore the immediate changes you can make to start your dog’s transformation.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to set your goals, so you never lose focus
  • How stress affects your dog’s body and behaviour (plus how to reduce it)
  • How sleep, diet and gut health impact on your dog’s behaviour
  • How to use the miracle of management to fast-track your training
  • The vital components to your dog’s success
  • The secret to making your dog feel safe
  • Communication game changers
  • Calming activities that your dog will love


In this module, you’ll discover what your dog is trying to communicate and what’s really going on for them. We’ll explore the biggest and easiest shift you can make, to achieve big changes quickly.

In this module, you will learn:

  • When a reaction is an overreaction
  • What causes reactivity
  • The secret to making big shifts in your dog’s behaviour
  • How to understand your dog’s body language
  • How your behaviour influences your dog’s behaviour
  • The clues your dog is becoming stressed
  • What triggers are and how they stack up
  • 3 Emergency behaviours to get you out of trouble


This module explains how to teach your dog unwavering focus on you, even in the most distracting and challenging environments. Shifting your dog’s focus away from triggers is a powerful way to begin changing how they feel.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to use marker training to transform your training
  • How to find the your dog’s most motivating reward
  • How to dramatically improve your dog’s focus on you
  • How to train recall and lead walking skills
  • 6 simple focus games you can use on the move


Discover how to use the environment to your advantage so you can rapidly reduce reactivity. Explore fun and stress-relieving alternatives to your usual walks, and plan ahead to effectively manage unavoidable triggers.

In this module, you will learn:

  • The 3 big mistakes that make your dog more reactive
  • Practical solutions to replace stressful dog walks
  • Enjoyable alternatives to daily dog walks
  • How to create a hazard awareness plan so you’re always prepared


The final module will coach you through increasing your dog’s confidence (and your own!). Developing the ability to bounce back and recover quickly from stressful events will ensure you stay on track with your training.

In this module, you will learn:

  • How to measure your progress, so you can see how much is changing
  • The signs your dog’s reactivity is improving
  • How your dog’s behaviour affects your mindset (and how to change it)
  • The power of positivity
  • Calming exercises for you – to keep stress at bay
  • TTouch canine massage basics


  • Using calming activities to work with your triggers
  • Changing your dog’s responses with counter-conditioning
  • STEALTH reactivity training – getting closer to triggers
  • Introducing your dog to walking with other dogs

 You also get free access to:

Loose Lead Walking Training & Racing Recallers

Walking on a tense and tight lead can increase your dog’s reactivity, nail your dog’s loose lead walking skills with this free training course. Then progress to mastering your recall, so your dog can enjoy more freedom.

Reactivity Specialist Community – Club Connection

You get one month’s free entry to our private community where you can attend additional masterclasses, Q&A sessions, and post questions for personalised support any time.

Ready to transform your dog’s reactivity?

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Racing Recallers & Walk This Way

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really good value for money

Rachel and her team are amazing!

I was sceptical about how they could help me with my 4 year old reactive rescue dog but she has done amazing thanks to the expertise and support of Canine Connection Company!

It’s really good value for money and I really enjoyed learning. Definitely recommend!

Laura Jane Weeks



Can I get a refund if I'm not happy with the course?

Yes, if after 7 days, you feel like The Growl Solution Programme is not going to help you, you can ask for a refund, no questions asked.

Simply send us an email and we’ll process your refund.

Can I stay in the Club Connection membership after the free month?

Yes, of course you can, and most people do! Just let me know you’d like to stay and we can get you signed up

My dog doesn't have much training. Does it matter?
No! Dog/Owner partnerships of varying skill levels are achieving results right now.

Help is at hand to help and guide you (during your FREE month in Club Connection), no matter what stage of learning you’re at.

What training methods do you use?
Any form of training or behaviour we work on is based on reinforcing and building a positive and fear free conversation between you and your dog.

This course will guide you on how to train your dog through positive, modern dog training techniques that are backed by science.

Got more questions?

Book a free call with me and let’s get them answered!

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